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With Atrialis - experts for clinical trials, we have been successfully supporting our clients in the market since 2007. With the founding of Risk Partners in 2023, we have significantly expanded our range of services once again. We are specialized and aim to be the market leader in these specializations for game changers. Accordingly, we are regularly involved in important topics for you or network with important trendsetters in our specializations. We are happy to keep you up to date with our developments so that you can regularly read new articles here.  

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OLG Schleswig – Statute of Limitations for Liability Claims in the Case of Direct Claims in D&O Insurance

OLG Schleswig: Limitation of liability claims for direct claims in D&O insurance. There is a new, exciting ruling from the world of D&O insurance. We recently reported on the decision of the Higher Regional Court of Cologne in the context of direct claims. Now the Higher Regional Court of Schleswig has also made a groundbreaking decision. What was it about? The focus was on the question of the statute of limitations. However, it must be borne in mind that the question of limitation in D&O claims is not trivial.

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Finance Day 2024

Growth capital for biotechnology and life sciences - Finance Day 2024 A few days ago, Jutta and Florian from our team attended Finance Day 2024 at the analytica trade fair in Munich. The event once again offered exciting expert panels on current financing and capital market issues for life sciences companies. As the panels focused on three of our key consulting areas, namely life sciences, venture capital and IPOs, a visit was of course a must for us as a specialist insurance broker. Our team has

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Public prosecutor's office investigates: Suspicion of deception in short-time work (Sono Motors)

No startup bonus for criminal and administrative offenses. The incident and possible insurance coverage. As exclusively researched by the team led by Hannah Schwär from Capital Magazine, the founders of Sono Motors are now also threatened with problems with the public prosecutor's office. According to Capital Magazine, subsidy fraud is in the context of short-time work and the programs related to the Corona crisis. The company, which is listed on the NASDAQ via De-SPAC, was reported to the SEC

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Earnings Call: one 0 too many - the Lyft CEO mistake

"Look, it was a bad mistake, and that's on me," CEO of LYFT Inc. The incident and possible insurance coverage. You may have also heard about the recent incident with LYFT. In the quarterly earnings report, LYFT originally stated that profit margins were up 500 basis points before correcting this to 50 basis points during the conference call. This clerical error caused the share price to fall more than 60% in after-hours trading.

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We provide information on liability risks for VC funds in the VC Magazine

In December, we were asked by VC-Magazin whether we could provide insights into liability and risk management issues relating to venture capital funds. With pleasure! Together with the team, Florian not only provided insights into current challenges, but also suggested practical solutions to effectively minimize and sensibly transfer the risks of a VC fund. You will therefore find in the VC-Magazin article: Added value of customized insurance concepts for VC funds (focus: D&O/E&O insurance #Moonshotprotect), key measures for risk prevention

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Digital and effective prevention of directors' and officers' liability by Risk Partners & Fides Technology

Now on Vimeo and Soundcloud: practical tips from experts with high relevance for avoiding liability for managing directors. Content: Personal liability is a constant sword of Damocles hovering over managing directors in everyday life. The standard of care is strict and directors bear the burden of proof. In collaboration with the distinguished corporate lawyer Eva Homborg (Esche Schümann Commichau) and governance expert Philippa Peters (Fides Technology GmbH), we have spent months compiling practical measures on how to avoid this personal liability.

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"I believe in a strong IPO comeback in 2024" - Interview Platform Life Sciences

Risk Partners in the trade press. Florian was approached by the journalists from Plattform Life Sciences for an interview on our view of 2024 and the development of Risk Partners over the past year. In addition to challenging claims, product innovations (e.g. all about POSI insurance) from Risk Partners, Florian also discusses our reasons for "teaming up" with our fantastic colleagues from Atrialis GmbH - experts in clinical trials.

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OLG Cologne: Insurer clarifies burden of proof for direct claim in D&O insurance

Cologne Higher Regional Court finally provides clarification in the area of D&O direct litigation with a recent ruling A new and exciting ruling from the world of D&O insurance. The proceedings dealt with the question of who bears the burden of proof if a company does not first take action against the managing director in an internal liability case, but instead takes direct action against the D&O insurer(s) (so-called direct action). This is possible if the defendant has assigned his/her indemnification claims against the D&O insurer to the company.

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How managers protect themselves from personal liability in the event of cyber incidents - #29Minutes by Control Risk & Risk Partners

How directors and officers protect themselves from personal liability in the event of cyber incidents - #29Minutes by Control Risk & Risk Partners Looking at our claims experience in the area of directors' and officers' liability in recent years, internal claims alleging inadequate cyber risk management and emergency management in the event of a cyber attack are unfortunately on the rise. In addition to special risk transfer solutions (cyber and crime insurance), there are also very practical tips on how to react correctly if the worst comes to the worst. After an exchange

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Finance Day 2023

Growth capital for biotechnology: Yesterday, today, tomorrow! A few days ago, Jutta Zaglauer and Florian Eckstein from our team attended the Finance Day 2023 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of biotechnology at the IZB - Innovation and Startup Center for Biotechnology. The event offered an exciting exchange and insights into current financing and capital market issues of biotechnology companies. As an experienced specialist insurance broker for the areas of life sciences, venture capital and IPOs, all three cornerstones of our "magic expertise triangle" were part of the event

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Atrialis GmbH - experts in clinical trial insurance

Atrialis GmbH - experts in clinical trial insurance & Risk Partners will play in the same team in the future. LifeSciences - Leading risk concepts for leading science! This has been our guiding principle for many years in advising innovative companies in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical products on risk issues and supporting them with suitable insurance solutions in all growth and study phases, from foundation to IPO and beyond (e.g. insuring a clinical trial). Together with my

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Whistleblower Protection Act

Whistleblower Protection Act ... is now in force. Hey #VCs, do you already have a system in place for safe #whistleblowing? And what about insurance cover in your D&O insurance? One month ago today, the German Whistleblower Protection Act came into force. Since July 2, 2023, not only companies with more than 50 employees, but also fund managers and ManCos (capital management companies in accordance with Section 17 (1) of the German Investment Code) have been obliged to set up and operate a whistleblower system, regardless of

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13th Hamburg Financial Lines Forum

Risk Partners at the Financial Lines Forum 13th Hamburg Financial Lines Forum. On October 12 and 13, the 13th Hamburg Financial Lines Forum took place with the participation of Risk Partners, a traditional event that this year once again served as a forum for the exchange of current trends. The program began with an overview of current developments and the handling of claims in financial lines, presented by Gabriele Schreiber-Sahin, Michael Hendricks. Dr.

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Cyber Risks: Case Study Evotec

Last year, more than 10 percent of German companies were affected by an IT security incident, with the proportion rising due to cyber attacks. Biotechnology is not excluded either. It is possible to learn from the Evotec case. It is about successful cyber attacks or other incidents that are important for security, such as acts of sabotage or hardware theft. According to a representative Ipsos survey conducted on behalf of the TÜV association among 501 companies with more

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St. Gallen study: USD 6 billion per drug

HSG St. Gallen: Drug costs USD 6.16 billion on average. Are the days of new drugs costing less than USD 1 billion over? There were figures in the industry that spoke of USD 700-1,000 million as the cost of developing a new drug. A study by the University of St. Gallen covering the period 2001-2020 found that the cost of developing new drugs has risen dramatically. It was estimated that

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