In December, we were asked by VC-Magazin whether we could provide
with insights into liability and risk management issues
relating to venture capital funds.

With pleasure! Together with the team, Florian not only provided insights into current challenges, but also suggested practical solutions to effectively minimize and sensibly transfer the risks of a VC fund.

You can find out more in the VC Magazine article:


  • Added value of customized insurance concepts for VC funds (focus: D&O/E&O insurance #Moonshotprotect),
  • Key measures for risk prevention (learning curve from our claims world),
  • preventive measures, such as the introduction of non-liable contractual provisions,
  • and other exciting aspects.

Did you find this article helpful? Feel free to contact us regarding our guide to sensible VC insurance cover or a non-binding consultation.

Life Sciences

Finance Day 2024

Growth capital for biotechnology and life sciences - Finance Day 2024 A few days ago, Jutta and Florian from our team attended Finance Day 2024 at the analytica trade fair in Munich. The event once again offered exciting expert panels on current financing and capital market issues for life sciences companies. As the panels focused on three of our key consulting areas, namely life sciences, venture capital and IPOs, attending was of course a must for us as a specialist insurance broker. Our team was also very pleased to meet many of our partners and clients again.

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Being Public

Public prosecutor's office investigates: Suspicion of deception in short-time work (Sono Motors)

No startup bonus for criminal and administrative offenses. The incident and possible insurance cover. As exclusively researched by Hannah Schwär and her team at Capital Magazin, the founders of Sono Motors are now also facing problems with the public prosecutor's office. According to Capital Magazin, subsidy fraud in the context of short-time work and the programs surrounding the corona crisis is in the offing. The company, which is listed on the NASDAQ via De-SPAC, has already filed a report with the SEC. While the loss amount of EUR 40,000 is still being

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Being Public

Earnings Call: one 0 too many - the Lyft CEO mistake

"Look, it was a bad mistake, and that's on me," CEO of LYFT Inc. The incident and possible insurance coverage. You may have also heard about the recent incident with LYFT. In the quarterly earnings report, LYFT originally stated that profit margins were up 500 basis points before correcting this to 50 basis points during the conference call. This clerical error caused the stock price to rise more than 60% in after-hours trading. This situation is exactly what investor relations teams that

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