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In December, we were asked by VC-Magazin whether we could provide
with insights into liability and risk management issues
relating to venture capital funds.

With pleasure! Together with the team, Florian not only provided insights into current challenges, but also suggested practical solutions to effectively minimize and sensibly transfer the risks of a VC fund.

You can find out more in the VC Magazine article:


  • Added value of customized insurance concepts for VC funds (focus: D&O/E&O insurance #Moonshotprotect),
  • Key measures for risk prevention (learning curve from our claims world),
  • preventive measures, such as the introduction of non-liable contractual provisions,
  • and other exciting aspects.

Did you find this article helpful? Feel free to contact us regarding our guide to sensible VC insurance cover or a non-binding consultation.

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New SEC Ruling: Transatlantic convergence in dealing with cyber security incidents

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